cfe3bb2be909f423723d5c7595912268Swan counselling, based in Nuneaton, offers face to face and Skype / FaceTime counselling to individuals and couples. Face to face counselling takes place in a comfortable therapy room, just a short bus ride from Nuneaton train station, so I am easily accessible from other towns and cities. For more information about the services I offer or to learn more about my experience and qualifications, please check out my Frequently Asked Questions and About Me pages.

As your counsellor, I will help you to become more self aware and feel cared for, and will help you to explore the changes you can make to have a better life. Our counselling relationship would require your active participation for you to make the most of your sessions.

The reason for picking the name 'Swan Counselling' is because Swans form long lasting relationships and are with their partner for life. Counselling is about the relationship between client and counsellor and being able to form a deep working alliance. With a swan you only see them looking gracious on the water and don't think about how hard they are paddling to stay afloat. This is like humans at times, as we all put a face on in crisis but don't show others what is really going on underneath. Part of the counselling journey is the process, self development, growth and change leading to a better you.